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Why do we focus on mobile solutions?  The rapid adoption of smartphones has changed the way we work, live, and play.  With data available at all times you cannot afford to miss out communicating with people where they spend their time… with their phones, tablets, computers, and other gadgets.

Smartphone By Age

18-29 Years of age 80%
30-49 Years of age 67%
50-64 Years of age 45%

Smartphone Addiction

Have phone within 5 feet majority of the time 72%

Smartphone By Type

iPhone 43.4%
Android 51.1%
Blackberry 1.9%
Windows 3.0%

App Usage

Smartphone Usage Trends

I found these and thought they were too good (and insightful) not to share.  A recent study set out to determine when and how people were using their smartphones.  What they found as the Americans use their phones the most during “Prime Time” evening hours.  This is one of the big reasons television and advertising…



Smartphone are the majority share in the market

What does this mean? We can now say that the majority of the people in America have smartphones.  A recent Pew Research report not only confirmed the growth of the smartphone industry, but also the increasing market share of laptops and tablets over desktops and mp3 players.  A condensed version of the report is below:…

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